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About us
Sports, fashion, and brands are our passion. Goal orientation, dynamics, creativity, and - above all else - fun with daily challenges are the basic elements of our success. We always put our heart into it, and we stand for honest feedback, horizontal hierarchies, and short paths toward decision-making. Our strongest trait, however, is our promise to you: the motivation to move things forward together.

Our agency was founded in 2005. The founder and owner is three-time windsurfing world champion Andrea Hoeppner. Our tasks have grown over the years with our customers: From our initial focus on PR we initially expanded our portfolio with social media marketing and consultation workshops. We now cover the entire spectrum of brand consulting - from analysis and marketing strategy to communicative implementation. We give companies and organisations strategic assistance, develop creative approaches, and effectively implement projects with an objective-based orientation. See for yourself.“

  • „We especially appreciate the comprehensive consultation and communication at eye level, coupled with a real passion for water sports.”

    Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, Director boot Düsseldorf

  • „Hoeppner Communication is an agency that considers every contingency from conception to implementation, and which openly addresses uncomfortable truths. Solving problems is their top priority.”

    Tobias Christoph Collée, AXE brand manager DACH

  • „The deep understanding of their target group and their creative consultation helped us find new solutions for communicating our sponsorships in wind- and kitesurfing.”

    Nicolai Laude, Head of Sports Communication Volkswagen

  • „The team at Hoeppner won us over with their lifestyle expertise and good network with bloggers and journalists. We appreciate their honest advice and happily work with them. You could say they're part of the family.”

    Rolf Clauss, owner Katimpex/ importer Didriksons

  • „Andrea Hoeppner and her team worked for British American Tobacco as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme and gave me immense support in implementing the CSR strategy, the stakeholder engagement programme, and reporting.”

    Karin Müller, CSR Manager British American Tobacco

  • „The Hoeppner agency simply has a sense of what we need, and a really good eye for trends and topics in the outdoor apparel industry.”

    Oliver Robens, Director Europe Craghoppers Travel Clothing

  • „An agency that understood us. Honest consultation, exactly tailored to suit our needs.”

    Robert Kühnen, Vice President Sales and Marketing Dimension Polyant Sailcloth

Branding: Effective strategies
Integrated prospect: Strategic consultation
From analysis and development to implementation: as a lead agency we offer integral consultation so that you can determine how to proceed. We don't think in terms of discipline, but rather about your own needs.

From start to finish: Project management
Strategies are one thing, but implementation is something else entirely: We orchestrate the implementation through our network or your service providers, and maintain the overview of timing, budgets, and quality – tailored to your needs and acting in your interest. We use the methods your situation requires, be they classic or flexible.

Measuring success: Evaluation
We wouldn't be a sports agency if we didn't open ourselves up to evaluation. We strive to transparently assess our service with comprehensible figures, and to keep you up to date on the results. This lets you know where, and how, your investments are being used.
Brand communication: Media awareness
Strong content: Communication concepts
We develop communication concepts that fit your brand and lead to your objectives in the long term. We formulate relevant messages and identify the right channels, platforms, and people so that you can be heard.

Messages that are heard: Professional press work
We have a direct line to journalists, bloggers, and opinion leaders, and we know the topics and trends. We provide relevant info and matching stories to make your brand visible.

Focus on fans: Social media
We compile customized social media strategies, and deliver content that reaches the public - be it a post, pin, tweet, video, or snap. We manage the community and also control ad placement.
Brand experiences: Long-term enthusiasm
Added value for brand and individual: Digital brand experiences with substance
We create digital products and services that add to the value of the brand and enrich your customers' daily lives. From content and websites to apps and virtual reality applications - we ensure beneficial solutions. Our analyses start with people and their lives, as well as current topics and trends. We obtain insight to this end and implement them creatively and systematically in iterative processes.

The moment of truth: Touchpoint management, user experience, and customer journey
Customers are demanding, impatient - and, above all, networked. The decision for or against your brand is made either in seconds or after extensive research. We analyze your brand's relevant points of contact and create a cohesive, stringent brand experience - both online and off. The result: satisfied customers who share their enthusiasm with others.

A new dimension of brand experience: Virtual reality
Consumers have never been able to experience brands this intensively. The new magic word is "immersion", namely in virtual worlds. Take your customers on a fantastic journey beyond the familiar. We stage this world in 360° videos and customized applications all about the new, virtual world.
Brand workshops: Following new paths together
Fit for the future: Vision and mission development
Nowadays, brands and companies require a clear vision and smart goals more than ever in order to stay on the market for the long term. Take your employees or stakeholders along for the ride and shape your future together. From a future conference or appreciative inquiry to circle way - we will find the right format for your objectives and implement it in workshops.

The basis of every brand: Positioning
Increasing global competitive pressure, low margins, and barely distinguishable products and services: Positioning is the basis for long-term success if you want to play a relevant role in consumers' minds (again). And we're here to help.

Creative self-image: Thinking in terms of design
Creativity is in higher demand than ever before in times of disruptive change. The good news is that everybody is creative. Don't believe us? We'll convince you otherwise. Our design thinking workshops provide valid results for your brands and products. Be a pioneer and benefit in the long term. We will encourage you to implement the process and mindset of design-based thinking in your company.
We love sports!
At our showroom in downtown Hamburg we regularly welcome editors, bloggers, and stylistson the lookout for new trends or styling pieces for photo and film productions.

Andrea Hoeppner
When Andrea Hoeppner founded the agency in 2005, it was mainly about classical PR services. Much has changed in Hoeppner's portfolio since then. What remains is the customer-oriented attitude: "It's important to me that we are not only familiar with new trends and tools, but that we also critically assess each one. We only recommend what suits the client." She learned this fair approach as a pro-windsurfer. During this time she built her second mainstay as a communications consultant: "Windsurfing wasn't as professionally organised as football, for example. In order to be successful I had to be a PR consultant, manager, and travel agency all at the same time. Our customers still benefit from this global network of editors, photographers, camera operators, and athletes."

Björn Witte
Björn Witte has been with Hoeppner since 2008, and is responsible for the areas of Sports Marketing and Business Development. The brand strategist combines innovative thinking with objective actions. Parallel to this, he is often seen immersed in specialist magazines and books - he is especially interested in digitalisation and its effects on brands and company management. The optimisation of processes and project planning is another of his strengths. He is constantly looking for new ways to bring brands and businesses forward to their objectives.

Andrea Strüver
This experienced PR consultant has been Hoeppner's Senior Account Manager for fashion, food, and lifestyle customers since 2007 - and she does it with passion. Her motto is that good communication can only come from the heart. Andrea Strüver is responsible for our showroom and specialises in blogger relations, influencer marketing, and event communication. 15 years of PR experience, a wealth of creativity, and her predilection for networking also make her a very welcome guest in brainstorming sessions and new business meetings.

Miriam Dederichs
Miriam Dederichs became a consultant for Hoeppner in 2013 after completing her Master's in Management and Marketing, with a focus on consumer psychology. She has a special eye for detail without losing sight of the big picture and the customer's specific needs. With her keen sense of topics, trends, and texts, she brings brand messages to the point or packs them into media-relevant stories. The native Berliner is an expert in the fields of brand experience and social media.

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Hoeppner Sport- und Markenkommunikation GmbH
Hoeppner Sport- und
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Hoeppner Sport- und Markenkommunikation GmbH
Kattrepel 2
20095 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 40 271 636 30

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